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Call for papers: Trust and Transparency in E-government


Tidsskriftet Arkiv Conference, 26 October 2016, Oslo 

Trust in public institutions is often regarded as a condition for societal development, prosperity, and in the end democracy. The trust in public institutions has to a certain extent its foundation in the predictability of political decision-making and transparency of administrative processes. The Scandinavian countries are in an international comparison characterized by a high level of trust - trust in other people and trust in institutions. They are also characterized by a tradition of Freedom of Information legislation and far reaching access to public records, something that is realized by fairly comprehensive recordkeeping regimes.  

The development of ICT has profoundly changed the way administrations work, and the implementation of e-government and introduction of ubiquitious e-services are changing the interaction between decision makers, administration and citizens, and reshape their mutual relationship. The aims of e-governement are among others to promote safe and efficient communication with citizens, including exchange of and access to information. However, there are also a risk for oblivion of records that is not directly accessible and a lock-in of information in defunct systems. Irrespectively, e-government entails recordkeeping challenges and may affect trust relationships. 

Tidskriftet Arkiv Conference 2016 is dedicated the theme "Trust and transparency in E-Government" and invites papers for approximately 30 minutes presentation on legal, technological and organisational aspects of the subject.

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