Ripples on water. Research-based art and crafts teaching

  • Torunn Paulsen Dagsland
Keywords: research-based teaching, research and professional practice, dialogue with art, pupil perspective


The article focuses on how classroom research from primary and secondary schools can be implemented in, have influence on, change and provide instruction on the subject Art and Crafts in the College of Education and in practice in primary and secondary schools. This article presents and discusses some selected research findings from a project on the subject of Art and Crafts, where students at the secondary level are in a dialogue with art. The results of the study, which are based on a pupil’s perspective, call for a subject didactic reorientation related to young people’s meeting with art in school, towards content that are more related to youth culture and relational meetings with art that are narrative-oriented, interpretation-orientated, experience-orientated, dialogic and multi-voiced. The article also shows how these research findings have become an important part of the teaching of subject didactics, art history and practical aesthetic work in the College of Education.

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Dagsland, T. (2015). Ripples on water. Research-based art and crafts teaching. FormAkademisk - Research Journal of Design and Design Education, 8(2).