Book reviews: About the art of conveying art!

  • Thurid Vold Høgskolelektor, HiO EST
Keywords: Dissemination of art, children,


Three books about the art of convey art are reviewed: Formidling av kunst til barn og unge (Dissemination of art to children and young people) by Arne Marius Samuelsen, Dialogbasert Undervisning. Kunstmuseet som læringsrom (Dialog Based Teaching. The Art museum as learning space) by Olga Dysthe, Nana Bernhardt and Line Enskjønn, and Kunsten å formidle (The Art to convey) by Alfred Oftedal Telhaug. The reviewer writes that all three books are great contributions to the literature on art mediation and are indispensable for all who teach children and youth in schools and museums. The books should have a prominent place on the bibliography for teacher students in Art and Crafts, Primary and Secondary Teacher Education and Early Childhood Education and for museum educators.

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