Editorial. FORMakademisk – Leading academia and actively recruiting

  • Janne Beate Reitan
Keywords: article-based theses, leading academia, master’s student, recruiting


Some published articles in FORMakademisk are frequently accessed and cited. PhD candidates are publishing increasing numbers of articles in journals for their article-based theses. We believe that FORMakademisk has helped to make article-based dissertations in design and design education possible and see this as a recognition of FORMakademisk.

We wish to maintain and further strengthen our position as the premier publication channel for students and researchers in the design and design education field. We invite the most established scientists to contribute to FORMakademisk, but we also want to help younger researchers publish in the journal. This year, we have invited masters’ students to publish based on their theses, together with their supervisors. We see this as essential to ensure quality through building ‘critical mass’. The first article that is a result of this invitation is published in this Issue. 

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Reitan, J. B. (2015). Editorial. FORMakademisk – Leading academia and actively recruiting. FormAkademisk - Research Journal of Design and Design Education, 8(3). https://doi.org/10.7577/formakademisk.1562