FORMakademisk and research-based teaching in higher education in design and design education

  • Janne Beate Reitan Førsteamanuensis,, Høgskolen i Oslo


The Act relating to Universities and University Colleges states that higher education should be research based. Several refer to the Hernes’ Committee stated that the hallmark of higher education is that it is based research. The demand for research-based instruction also applies to higher education in design and design education, which are the primary fields of research that are published in the journal FORMakademisk. As a relatively young field of research, much of the research of design and design education are published as articles rather than monographs. The journal FORMakademisk plays an important role as a source of research-based teaching, as the only Norwegian scientific journal in this field.

As FORMakademisk also publishes articles in Norwegian, we contribute in addition to universities and colleges can meet the Universities and Colleges Act for maintenance and further development of the Norwegian terminology in design and design education.

In terms of academic editorial adds weight to use the most competent referees we can find internationally to evaluate articles before publication, to develop a good standard as possible on the research we publish. This requires a lot of work, but it is very important that what we publish should also have good quality of teachers and students in higher education in design and design education.

For higher education in design and design education to be able to benefit from this important publication channel in the future, it is essential that the institutions and organizations in the design and design education support the journal financially.