Synergy in the systemic approach to architectural performance

The integral multi- and cross-layered agencies in eco-systemic generative design processes of the post-anthropocene


This article integrates a series of diverse projects that together exemplify and interpret the Systemic Approach to Architectural Performance (SAAP) that has been developed by the author. SAAP is a fusion of several process-based fields and their media and agency, namely: a) Systems oriented design; b) Performance oriented architecture; 3) Prototypical urban interventions; d) Time-based design; e) Service design; and f) Co-design, co-creation and DIY. The article presents SAAP’s relations to these fields and concludes with their integration and synergy in a ‘Real Life Co-Design Laboratory’, where collaborative and collective processes are seen as the resulting design objects or rather, objectives.


Marie Davidova, Welsh School of Architecture / Collaborative Collective, z.s.

Marie Davidová, March, Ph.D. is a lecturer for Design Studio and Architectural Construction at the Welsh School of Architecture, a founding member and chair of Collaborative Collective practice design-research network NGO and a founding member of Systemic Design Association. Marie gained her Ph.D. at CTU in Prague and Master's degree at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. She worked in studios Snøhetta and Expology in Oslo and taught at NTNU in Trondheim. She has been transdisciplinary studio course head at ARCHI Prague and FUA TU of Liberec. All of this in cooperation with the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences at the University of Life Sciences in Prague. Marie founded Systemic Approach to Architectural Performance design field.

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Davidova, M. (2020). Synergy in the systemic approach to architectural performance. FormAkademisk - forskningstidsskrift for design og designdidaktikk, 13(2).