FORMakademisk – Fem års jubileum - Five years anniversary

  • Janne Beate Reitan


When we first published FORMakademisk five years ago, we stated in the very first editorial on page 1 in Volume 1, Issue 1 that:

The aim of the journal is to provide a venue for research in design and design education, and thereby develop an interest and working community of scholars in the field. The editorial team perceives design as a generic term that includes creative and performing activities in the great span of the artefacts ‘from the spoon to the city’. The editorial team relates to design education as a field that includes the dissemination of design in society and the teaching of design at all levels general education, vocational preparation, professional education and research education—from kindergarten to doctorate.

Since then we have published two issues every year, nine all together, with more than 50 articles. The editorial team saw that future contributors to FORMakademisk would mainly be recruited from researchers within the design disciplines, and their research interests would have their roots in creative and artistic design practice. At the same time, FORMakademisk has invited scientists from established academic disciplines, when their interest has been directed towards design issues.

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Reitan, J. (2013). FORMakademisk – Fem års jubileum - Five years anniversary. FormAkademisk - Research Journal of Design and Design Education, 5(2).