Investigative Practice [Undersøkende praksis/UP]. Theme- and project-oriented visual arts education

  • Erling Framgard
Keywords: Keywords, Investigative practice, the third way of visual arts education, teachers’ role, project methods, image communication, scholarly traditions, intentionality and image linguistic techniques


Based on a critical approach and inspired by Danish Visual Arts Education, I have developed what I call Investigative Practice [Undersøkende praksis/UP]. UP refers to theme- and project-oriented visual arts education, and it can be characterized as both processual and problem solving, such that artwork is attributed meaning and visualisations are perceived as meaningful and communicative. A fundamental understanding is that pictorial meanings are affected by the physical process of making. UP, therefore, pursues a conscious relationship between expressed content and ways of expression. UP seeks to synthesize individual- and discipline-oriented traditions within visual arts education. This synthesis is connected to a third tradition, which I name “The third way of visual arts education” [Den tredje vei i bildepedagogikken]. UP includes pictorial didactics, pictorial theory and pictorial creation. As a visual arts pedagogy, UP aims to contribute to a new or renewed practice of pictorial education.

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