Book Review. Inger Marie Lid: Universal design. Core values​​, knowledge, and practices

  • Sigmund Asmervik Professor emeritus, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap Epost:
Keywords: Universal design


Sigmund Asmervik, Professor emeritus, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), has reviewed Inger Marie Lid’s book Universell utforming: Verdigrunnlag, kunnskap og praksis (Universal design: Core values​​, knowledge, and practices). He states that this book provides very good suggestions about topics relating to issues such as how people should be able to develop in the community with others and how to look after issues relating to dignity and bodily vulnerability. This expands and challenges the discourse around the concept of universal design, and is the book's most important contribution. As a textbook aimed at students of architecture and engineering, occupational therapy and physiotherapy studies, and otherwise to anyone who is engaged in universal design in practice, as it says on the publisher's website, it has some significant challenges.

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