Children's rights in Swedish teacher education


In 2020, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) was incorporated into Swedish domestic law. In the proposals for new legislation, it is emphasised that steps be taken to develop knowledge of children’s rights among professionals at all levels. This article explores the presence and status of children’s rights in Swedish teacher education. A total of 362 teacher-education course plans and syllabi at 12 universities were examined, and a questionnaire was conducted among 156 teacher educators. Although teacher educators judge knowledge around children’s rights to be important for pre-service teachers, the syllabi provide little guidance as to what knowledge pre-service teachers need. Using the framework for analysing human rights education designed by educational specialist Felisa Tibbitts, it is concluded that Swedish teacher education fits with a Values and Awareness Model, which is associated with socialisation but not with social change.


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Author Biography

Åsa Olsson, Karlstad University, Sweden

Department of Educational Studies

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Olsson, Åsa. (2020). Children’s rights in Swedish teacher education. Human Rights Education Review, 3(2), 49-67.
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