Att fånga komplexiteten i små barns lärande: En metodologisk reflektion

  • Camilla Björklund


The aim of this article is to discuss methodological issues that appear as video technology is being used more frequently in research on early childhood. Research with a video camera as a tool for collecting data has made it possible to more thoroughly interpret and understand children's experiences and learning. One video episode may be interpreted from several different perspectives, which makes the research elusive and sets claimson validity, on the other hand it strengthens the interpretation of the variety in the learning processes due to the opportunity to bring forth the complexity in children's spontaneous learning activities. In this article the concept of videography in research on early childhood education is discussed concerning its methodical and methodological possibilities and limitations.
Hvordan referere
Björklund, C. (2010). Att fånga komplexiteten i små barns lärande: En metodologisk reflektion. Tidsskrift for Nordisk barnehageforskning, 3(1).