Ressursorientert tilnærming til språklig og kulturelt mangfold

Ann Merete Otterstad, Camilla Eline Andersen


Title: A 'resource-oriented approach to linguistic and cultural diversity': Discursive readings of inclucion in early childhood education.

Abstract: This article critically questions how contemporary multicultural pedagogical work for inclusion in Norwegian children’s centers is described in government documents. We find in these documents that what is named as a discursive ‘resource-oriented approach to cultural diversity’ is presented as a strategy to understand how to work and analyse multicultural pedagogical issues. As preschool teachers and researchers our interest is to investigate how and why a resource-oriented approach today seems to have become part of preschool teachers’ normative multicultural work for inclusion. By analysing official early childhood documents discursively we question what effects a resource-oriented approach may have on professional multicultural knowledge production.


Multicultural work; Professionalism; Resource-oriented strategy; Critical analysis

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