De pædagogiske læreplaners reformering: Dokumentation, faglighed og måder at gøre pædagog

Maja Plum


Title: The Reform of Educational Plans: Documentation, professionalism and the enactment of nursery teaching.
Abstract: In 2004 the demand of documentation in Danish pre-school was made compulsory and national through the reform of educational plans. One of the arguments was that documentation would enhance the ‘professional’ development of nursery teachers and make their daily work visible and recognized. Drawing on perspectives from Actor-Network-Theory this article analyses the way in which documentation is enacted as a network of heterogeneous elements within the individual pre-school. It is argued that documentation, rather than developing ‘professionalism’, enacts the nursery teacher in a particular ‘professional’ way. Thus, it is analyzed what ‘professionalism’ becomes, and what is excluded – produced as outside of ‘professional work’.

Emneord (Nøkkelord)

Documentation; Educational reform; Governing; Actor-Network-Theory


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