Innhald i barnehagen i lys av politisk fokus på barnehagefeltet

Bente Vatne


Title: Issues of Educational Policy and Educational Activities in Norwegian kindergartens
Abstract: In recent decades the Norwegian kindergartens have become an important social institution where both its content and aims have been part of the public debate. The aim of this article is to put the spotlight on educational activities in Norwegian kindergartens and discuss these issues in the light of increased political focus. What kind of educational activities do kindergarten teachers (pedagogical leaders) and kindergarten assistants emphasize in everyday work with children? Are we heading towards a more “schoolish” content in Norwegian kindergartens? What consequences have kindergarten teachers and kindergartens assistants professional background for educational activities in Norwegian kindergartens? Results from a national survey (MAFAL) to kindergarten teachers and kindergartens assistants will be presented and discussed.

Emneord (Nøkkelord)

Educational policy; Educational activities; Curriculum perspectives, Pre school teachers; Pre school assistants


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