Musikstunder i förskolepraktik: Samband mellan musikens mening, aktivitet och aktivitetsformer

Ylva Holmberg


Title: Music events in Swedish preschool: Connections between the meaning of music, activity and forms of
Abstract: There has been, and still are a lot of music events in early childhood education settings. The way of looking at the meaning of music, content and form varies, partly over time, partly between researchers and between preschools. The aim of the article is to describe and analyze how music events appear. Over a period of five months music events in three Swedish preschools, with children between three and five years of age were observed. Result indicates that preschool teacher’s musicianship affects their way of looking at the meaning of music and their way of working with music in their preschool. Three main musical activities were identified singing, playing instruments and movement. The ways of working in the activities varies. Singing often has a character of reproducing, playing instrument has a character of investigating and that movement can be of reproductive as well as investigative character, depending on the context.

Emneord (Nøkkelord)

Keywords: Early childhood education; Pre school; Music; Didactics


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