Implementing regional innovation policies: doctrines and factors of influence

  • Hans Christian Høyer
Keywords: Public regional policy, Innovation policy, Doctrines of action


This article examines the implementation of regional innovation policies by focusing on a selected group of bureaucrats and evaluating the characteristics of the doctrines of action they utilize when creating innovation. The data used in the article were collected through in-depth interviews conducted with 21 employees in the Trade and Industry Departments in two county administrations, the offices of Innovation Norway in two counties and the Agricultural Departments of two County Governors’ offices. The primary task for all the interviewed employees is to facilitate innovation within their respective counties. The analysis shows that the employees’ doctrines are characterized by being interpretations of what, according to different theories of innovation, is necessary to create innovation. The strategies used by the employees in both the Trade and Industry Departments and the Innovation Norway offices are very similar to what is prescribed by the theories of innovation, while the doctrines of the officials in the Agricultural Departments deviate from these theories.

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Høyer, H. C. (2014). Implementing regional innovation policies: doctrines and factors of influence. Nordic Journal of Social Research, 5.