Educating and Leading for World Citizenship

Through Technocratic Homogenisation or Communicative Diversity?

  • Lejf Moos Aarhus University, DPU
Keywords: democratic Bildung, world citizenship, globalisation


Two perspectives on local and global societies, and therefore also on education, are explored and discussed in this paper. On one hand, society as a civilisation is producing an outcome-based discourse with a focus on marketplaces, governance, bureaucracies and accountability. On the other hand, society focuses on cul-ture through arts, language, history, relations and communication, producing a democratic Bildung dis-course. At a global level, I see those discourses shaping discourses of world citizenship and of global mar-ketplace logics with technocratic homogenisation. Those trends and tendencies are found through social analytic strategies in these categories: context of discourses, visions, themes, processes, and leadership.


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Author Biography

Lejf Moos, Aarhus University, DPU

Department of educational sociology

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Moos, L. (2018). Educating and Leading for World Citizenship. Nordic Journal of Comparative and International Education (NJCIE), 2(2-3), 7-24.