Developing Care Professionals: Changing Disability Services in Sweden


In Sweden, professionalization projects in disability care services are currently being undertaken in order to differentiate and establish a professional identity for professionals within care work. The aim of this paper was to analyse the experiences of care workers’ meaning of the professionalization process concerning their occupation and their occupational identity in relation to tasks they perform in front-line contacts with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities at respite care service homes. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with ten care workers. The meaning of the professionalization projects is an ongoing process of a connected mission, meaning that the care work is performed in close contact with care receivers and that it takes place within an informal and free framework, predicated on a logic of possessing a particular kind of “care-feeling.”


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Gäddman Johansson, R., & Hellström Muhli, U. (2018). Developing Care Professionals: Changing Disability Services in Sweden. Professions and Professionalism, 8(2), e2017.