A Cross-Professional Analysis of Collegiality Among Teachers and Police Officers

  • Håkan Löfgren Linköping University
  • Malin Wieslander Linköping University


This article compares collegiality between two professional groups—teachers and police officers. The purpose is to add an open, “cross-professional dimension” to the discussion about collegiality in the teaching and police professions. By investigating collegial relations within the two professions, we provide a unique comparison. Using positioning theory, we analysed variations in stories about colleagues and found that the functions of collegiality share similar norms of trust, loyalty and professionalism. Moreover, what seems to be a case of collegial resource can paradoxically be a challenge to clients when different practices of and responses to professional behaviour are outlined. We suggest that the reason for this paradox might be found in the exposure of individualised responsibility and accountability within the two professions, which drives a perceived need for collegial community-building processes.


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Löfgren, H., & Wieslander, M. (2020). A Cross-Professional Analysis of Collegiality Among Teachers and Police Officers. Professions and Professionalism, 10(2). https://doi.org/10.7577/pp.3493