University Teacher Educators’ Professional Agency: A Literature Review

  • Yenny Hinostroza University of Helsinki


This paper presents a scoping review and thematic analysis of literature on university teacher educators’ professional agency between 2007 and 2019. Its aim is to map empirical studies to date and identify gaps in research to inform a future research agenda. 28 articles that met the inclusion criteria were subjected to thematic analysis, using line-by-line open and axial coding. Four main interrelated themes were identified: (i) education policies, (ii) professional development, (iii) identity, and (iv) social justice. This thematic intersection reflects intricated factors promoting and hindering the achievement of teacher educators’ professional agency. Findings suggest that more research is needed to develop theoretical and empirical understandings of the multidimensional character of their professional agency, and the myriad of opportunities and constraints impacting on it.


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Hinostroza, Y. (2020). University Teacher Educators’ Professional Agency: A Literature Review. Professions and Professionalism, 10(2).