Balancing Costs and Patients' Health: Dental Students’ Perception of Economics in Dentistry

  • Cecilia Franzén Malmö University


One aim of higher education is to develop professional identities in students to equip them for future working life. Health professional students will work under financial pressures in a market-based environment, which can lead to conflicts with professional ethical values. This study explores how Swedish dental students perceive economic aspects of dentistry. The article is based on a study of undergraduate research projects. In the analysis of the projects, two themes were identified: (1) cost-effective organizing of dentistry and (2) costs and benefits of interventions. The students displayed socially responsible values by emphasizing the need for dentists to utilize resources effectively, which implies that professional education can support the development of the perception that economic values can be compatible with professional ethical values.

Keywords: cost-effectiveness, ethics, healthcare, higher education, social responsibility



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Franzén, C. (2015). Balancing Costs and Patients’ Health: Dental Students’ Perception of Economics in Dentistry. Professions and Professionalism, 5(3).