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Author Guidelines

There are no charges for publishing or submitting manuscripts to this journal.

Language: Manuscripts in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English are accepted. A manuscript in a Scandinavian language requires an additional abstract in English.

Key-words: A minimum of four keywords, one of which describes the research method used. The editors will also suggest keywords.

Manuscript with abstract: The length of the abstract and the manuscript is free, however, the abstract most be concise. The manuscript must follow the IMRaD structure (Introduction, (Material and) Methods, Results, Discussions) and Conclusions unless methodological considerations makes an alternative structure more appropriate.

Figures: Must be in jpeg format, numbered (Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.), and submitted as separate files. All Tables are to be submitted in a separate word document, with the tables numbered (Table 1, Table 2, etc.). Figure texts and Table texts must be written to explain the content of the table or figure as accurately as possible. The numbered Figure texts and Table texts should be submitted in a separate word document.
It is possible to use figures (illustrations or pictures) available under the Creative Commons license. The right to publish images are requested to be clarified by the author. The journal encouraged authors to mainly use figures (illustrations or pictures) owned and produced by themselves.
Writers may also include film clips, uploaded in Vimeo. Advice concerning footage are given by the editors.
In the manuscript, the author is requested to indicate where figures and tables preferably are to be inserted. Unless this is in conflict with other layout demands, the requests will be followed.
Color and lines in graphs are requested to be selected so that it is clearly visible also in monochrome print (such as light gray and black, or "line of stars", versus solid line).

References: The number of sources is up to the author. The journal uses APA style. The editors will check that the sources are correctly referenced, and will add a Digital Object identificator (DOI) and PMid via CrossRef.