Openness in Education: Claims, Concepts, and Perspectives for Higher Education

Theo Hug


Characteristics of openness can be found in many respects throughout the history of education. From Comenius’ call for pedagogical reform to postmodern educational theory, requirements of access, social justice, creativity, knowledge sharing, innovation, and capacity building have been emphasized in various ways. The chapter provides an outline of different understandings and notions of openness in educational contexts as well a discussion of their relevance for openness towards academic knowledge cultures and different forms of knowledge. Finally, the contribution highlights organizational, methodological, and critical perspectives as three aspects which appear to be undervalued in current debates about openness in higher education.


Education for all; Open education (OE); Open educational resources (OER); Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs); Knowledge cultures; Educational commons; Open learning; Future of higher education

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