Exploring Healthcare Simulation Facilitators’ Conceptions of Teaching and Learning

  • Tuulikki Keskitalo University of Lapland
  • Heli Ruokamo
Keywords: healthcare simulation facilitators, learning, conceptions, phenomenography


This study aimed to investigate healthcare simulation facilitators’ conceptions of teaching and learning because they influence the approaches and strategies used in teaching and learning and ultimately influence learning outcomes. The study was conducted using a phenomenographic methodology to identify the variation in conceptions. This study included 37 healthcare simulation facilitators. The data were collected using both thematic and semi-structured individual and paired interviews. The iterative phenomenographic data analysis process revealed four categories of conceptions of learning: 1) learning as acquiring and reproducing knowledge and skills, 2) learning as applying and advancing knowledge and skills, 3) learning as transformation of individual thinking and behaviour and 4) learning as co-constructing knowledge and skills. Three categories of conceptions of teaching were also revealed: 1) teaching as transmission of knowledge, 2) teaching as development of students’ professional skills and 3) teaching as facilitation of learning. Based on the results of this study, we argue that, by changing teaching conditions, we may also affect the underlying conceptions of teaching and learning as well as approaches to teaching and ultimately learning outcomes. The results of this study can also be used to develop healthcare educators’ pedagogical training. However, approaches to teaching and learning are not necessarily aligned; therefore, in future studies, our aim will be to continue the research by investigating how these self-perceived conceptions are related to approaches to teaching and learning within actual educational practices.

Tuulikki Keskitalo
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