Focus and Scope

The Techne Journal is owned by NordFo, Nordic Forum for Research and Development in Craft Design. The TECHNE SERIES publishes since 1996 research in Sloyd Education and Crafts Science in Nordic languages and English. Starting from 2011 the journal is published as open access. We are holding a basic (1) level in JUFO Publication Forum that indicate that we have rigorous review process and we are publishing regularly. JUFO Publication Forum maintains the classification of scientific publication in all scientific fields. For more information click here.

The name of the journal is derived from the Greek word techne, which is used in the sense of doing or mastering, both technically and artistically. It is also used in the widest sense of knowing and understanding – manage and execute or to be familiar with something.

The journal encourages research from different theoretical, methodological and empirical perspectives on education and learning within the field of craft and sloyd [swe. slöjd]. The concept of sloyd covers different forms of activities where materials and tools are involved in making artefacts. The articles may focus on educational, psychological, social, cultural and technological context in formal and informal as well as physical and virtual learning environments. The Techne Series publishes articles that e.g. discusses processes, materiality and embodied aspects related to craft and sloyd. We are also interested in articles that deal with new forms of crafts and sloyd – maker culture, DIY, craftivism etc.

Peer Review Process

The Techne series is aimed for publication of research articles in Nordic languages or in English. The published articles are peer reviewed. The editorial board provides peer reviewers at PhD, assistant professor or professor level.

What happens after submitting?

Your article will be sent to two reviewers. The reviewers have at least two months for the blind review process. You will then receive comments on your text from both of the reviewers (Techne reviewers form). After editing your manuscript you resubmit the text along with the "Techne author form" where you outline the changes that you have done.

The editor will e-mail the review comments an the "Techne author form" to you.

After an editorial review, final changes will be made if needed.

After that the author sends the manuscript to URKUND for plagiarism screening. Send your manuscript as an attached file by e-mail to


The article will then be published as soon as possible. The whole process might take up to a year. Special issues might take longer.

Open Access Policy

This is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access.

Call for paper

The TECHNE SERIES has been initiated to enable studies in Sloyd (or Crafts) Education and Crafts Science to be published. The series comprises academic publications in Nordic languages and English.

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TECHNE OPEN CALL for the Make it NOW -conference participants!

Techne Open Call is now open for the participants of Make it NOW! Learning, Exploring, Understanding - International NordFo-Conference in Rauma, September, 2016. The TECHNE journal will publish a special issue in spring/summer 2016.

The deadline for submissions is 15th of December 2016. The submissions that will discuss on learning environments in craft, design and technology education as well as making in relation to wellbeing are especially welcome. Other themes are also welcome.

The editors of this special issue are Eila Lindfors (FI), Kari Carlsen (NO) and Marja-Leena Rönkkö (FI). The editors will choose the submissions that are sent to the blind review process. The editors might suggest some of the submissions to be considered for review process in the forthcoming issues of the journal.

All the authors will be informed about the procedure concerning their submission. Comments on the blind reviewed articles will be received in March and the revised resubmissions should be ready in 15th May 2017.

Instructions on the format of the article and how the manuscript is uploaded can be found on the startpage ocf the journal.

In case of any problems, please contact

The Editorial team Eila Lindfors, Kari Carlsen and Marja-Leena Rönkkö

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Techne series is annually published. Submissions are continuously accepted. Theme Issues devoted to specific topics can be published with specified calls.
The Techne Journal encourages research from different perspectives; theoretical, methodological and empirical research that focuses on various aspects of craft and sloyd. Articles can focus on social, psychological, educational, technological and cultural contexts within which craft and sloyd interact. The article embraces all forms of craft and sloyd: from design processes including making artifact and reflection, are of interest. Further, the research context can be based on various settings: schools, universities, various craft organizations as well as informal learning settings. Analysis of craft may apply qualitative or quantitative methods at multiple levels. The Journal comprises articles in English and Nordic languages.

Send in your article as soon as possible!

Check author guidelines here

Preliminary topics for future theme issues:


– Läroplaner på olika utbildningsnivåer – Curriculums on different educational levels

– Undervisning och lärande i slöjd – Teaching and learning in craft and sloyd

– Förkroppsligad kompetens, hur lära sig och hur undervisa – Embodied
competence, how to learn and how to teach them