Intercultural Learning by Virtual Co-design

  • Tarja Kröger University of Eastern Finland
  • Māra Urdziņa-Deruma University of Latvia


In this study, we employed a wiki platform to promote students’ online collaborative design and intercultural learning. A total of 32 (17 Finnish, 13 Latvian and four German) students majoring in education and textiles participated in this 2-month project, in which they co-designed patterns for textiles in small groups. We utilized qualitative research methodology to collect data. The results show that virtual co-design is a promising method with which to enhance intercultural learning. On a more general note, the study provides an example of how a wiki platform can be used for collaborative design within educational contexts.


Tarja Kröger, University of Eastern Finland
Senior Lecturer, Ph.D.
Māra Urdziņa-Deruma, University of Latvia
Docent, Dr. Ed.
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Kröger, T., & Urdziņa-Deruma, M. (2015). Intercultural Learning by Virtual Co-design. Techne serien - Forskning i Slöjdpedagogik och Slöjdvetenskap, 22(1). Hämtad från