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Vol 25 No 3 (2018): Nuläge och framåtblickar 2018

‒ om undervisning och forskning inom det nordiska slöjdfältet

Published: 2018-11-02
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The Techne Journal is owned by NordFo, Nordic Forum for Research and Development in Craft Design.The TECHNE SERIES publishes since 1996 research in Sloyd Education and Crafts Science in Nordic languages and English. Starting from 2011the journal is published as open access. We are holding a basic (1) level in JUFO Publication Forum that indicate that we have rigorous review process and we are publishing regularly. JUFO Publication Forum maintains the classification of scientific publication in all scientific fields. For more information click here.

The name of the journal is derived from the Greek word techne, which is used in the sense of doing or mastering, both technically and artistically. It is also used in the widest sense of knowing and understanding manage and execute or to be familiar with something.

The journal encourages research from different theoretical, methodological and empirical perspectives on education and learning withinthe field of craft and sloyd [swe.slöjd]. The concept of sloyd covers different forms of activities where materials and tools are involved in making artefacts. The articles may focus on educational, psychological, social, cultural and technological contextin formal and informal as well as physical and virtual learning environments.The Techne Series publishes articles that e.g. discusses processes, materiality and embodied aspects related to craft and sloyd. We are also interested in articles that deal with new forms of crafts and sloyd – maker culture, DIY, craftivism etc.

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